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Welcome To The Beautiful Music Experience

Some Background Music

EJ’S MUSIC GROUP was birthed with purpose – born to create beautiful music. Eric Johnson, known as EJ is the mastermind behind this venture to touch the hearts of people through music. To give you a little background, EJ’s a renowned music producer and songwriter that brings musical cords to the surface. Born in, and resides in New Jersey. He has also partnered with EMEG (Eristopher Molecular Entertainment Group), which is comprised of seasoned music producers and writers along with marketing and technology industry executives with a vast and diverse set of skills and experience. He works to provide a fresh approach in the development and execution of music production, song writing and marketing.

Since 1992, EJ has traveled a journey through every phrase of the media business. With the team, he has experienced in marketing, music production, movie production, casting, camera, on-set, as well as, assisting movie directors. EJ has worked with legendary leaders of the media industry including Clive Davis (Arista, J Records), Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Warner Brothers), and L.A. Reid (LaFace, Def Jam), Evan Lamberg (EMI Music Publishing) and more…

As of 1998, the EMEG music team produced, placed and penned well over 100+ songs for multi-platinum artists, 50 feature films and several TV productions such as Bad Boyz 2, The Score, Fastlane, Into The Blue, Animatrix (The Matrix 3), Entourage, Tokyo Drift, Dr. Doolittle2, Disney’s –Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, Stuart Little, Boat Trip, Double Take and Hitch to name a few. Some musically acclaimed notes that were hits includes songs written and produced for record companies such as Sony/BMG, J/RCA, Jive, Motown and Def Jam.

In 2011, EJ’S MUSIC GROUP hit the ground running, on a new venture – a new film company with new partners – PROJECT IMPACT. No longer behind the scenes--in the forefront creating and developing music scores for three short films that’s changing the lives of the young people today that are dealing with very serious social challenges – bullying, sexting and gangs. “Somebody Not Me”— an anti-bullying short film that features original music scores (written & produced) by EJ. Fast Forward to July 2013. EJ produced violin virtuoso Kersten Stevens " Inspire Me" CD EJ cowrote 9 tracks on the CD. Inspire Me Cd won the Independent Music Awards (IMA) Christian Contemporary Gospel Album of The Year! EJs Music Group is committed to his clients. Always striving to provide the edge that’s needed in branding the music with the film or artist. Never missing a beat with the latest technologies and creative marketing to support Destiny! EJ’S MUSIC GROUP Creates Beautiful Music!


If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney (1901-1966)

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